The First Ever Emo Comedy Night Hits New Orleans This Thursday!

As we enter the RAWRing 20s, let us look back upon the most important years of our lives. The phase that was NOT just a phase, mom, but something that formed us forever.

That’s right: Our Emo Phase. Teen angst, My Chemical Romance, black lipstick, and fried hair. The years where the most important thing on our mind was simple, “what song should I put on my myspace page?”. Come laugh off all the pain and tears in the most EMOtional show of the month, inspired by all of our most iconic years!

The Most Comedy Shows in New Orleans This Weekend!

Are you ready to get your comedy on this weekend, New Orleans? The New Movement is, once again, bringing you the most comedy shows in the city and we can’t wait to share the details with you.

We’re starting off with a Fan Appreciation night also known as The Big $5 Comedy Show! Stand-up, sketch, and improv comedy all under one gnarly roof.

$5ComedyNight FB

Afterwards, at 9:30p we’re bringing back the popular HOT TAKE TOURNAMENT!


Then on Saturday we have our regular January residency programming on the board starting with the Best Friend Comedy Club at 7:00p!


Then our killer Saturday night slot, The Wheel of Improv at 8:00p!

Wheel Celebration

Then we wrap it all up with one more edition of FUCK THIS WEEK at 9:30p.


On Sunday there’s going to be a badass food popup in the courtyard which, honestly, is good enough to get you out of the house – but we’ve got dope comedy shows ON TOP of that!

improv interrobang - boom


Comedy Shows in New Orleans January 17th-19th

Football season is officially over in New Orleans. We don’t want to talk about the end of the Saints season but LSU just won the whole damn thing and look, we don’t want to talk about the end of the Saints season.

Good news for all is that if anything can lift the soul and help us move on, its live comedy. And when it comes to live comedy, well, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive it to the schedule this weekend, ya dig?


Friday night starts off with Part Time Humans & Friends, an improv comedy showcase by one of the newer groups to call TNM home. If you like your comedy weird and tight, we can’t recommend this show enough for you. 8:00p!

Following the improv we take the schedule back to the classics with our weekly stand-up comedy showcase, St. Claude Comedy Hour. Every Friday at 9:30p we unleash the stand-up beasts. Local legends, touring guests, and the best of the best up and comers.

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Saturday night brings three shows back-to-back-to-MF’ing-back. Best Friends Comedy Club is our January showcase of improv comedy duos – 7:00p. Immediately following is the wildly popular Wheel of Improv at 8:00p. Following that is our therapeutic comedy hour, Fuck This Week , 9:30p.

Our regular Sunday programming, Improv Interrobang and Comedy Mosh Pit, set it off at 7:00 and 8:08p, respectively. For all y’all saying there’s nothing to do on a Sunday, we’re terribly sorry to ruin that for you.

See you this weekend, New Orleans comedy fans.

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New Orleans Comedy Shows December 20th + 21st

Decorations are up. Shopping is over. Holiday parties in the can. Ready to do something different? How about something fun that is not wreaths, caroling, and candy canes all up in your business?

Enter The New Movement. Enter live comedy. Enter supporting a small arts business this weekend. Entertaining and inexpensive. Wanna learn more? Let’s gooooo!

Friday 8:00p – Love Sick
A comedy show about the nightmare that is dating in 2019. Hosted by Andrew and Leigh, who you can hear chatting about the show on our podcast this week:

Friday 9:30p – St. Claude Comedy Hour
Our weekly stand-up comedy / storytelling comedy showcase is back! This week hosted by Jacqueline Palms and featuring a certified slew of quality comics.

Saturday 7:00p – Unhinged 

Unhinged has been performing at TNM for well over a year and it shows – crisp, bizarre, hilarious improv comedy.

Saturday 8:00p – The Wheel of Improv
Imagine American Ninja Warrior mixed with an episode of Saturday Night Live with a dash of Who’s Line Is It Anyway minus all of the stuff in American Ninja Warrior that won’t fit on our comedy stage. The Wheel of Improv is a handful of comedy show formats randomly jammed together, executed by a team of the most experienced performers in New Orleans

Saturday 9:30p – Comedy Knockout
A Good Night for Comedy

A one night comedy competition featuring performers from The New Movement, NOLA’s only full time comedy venue, annually voted “best place to watch comedy in New Orleans” since 2013.

And don’t forget our Christmas pop-up bar, Christmas on Claude!


Comedy Shows December 6th, 7th, 8th in New Orleans

We get it, that in-between-the-holidays time where it seems like there’s nothing going on. You’re all done with your shopping, you’re still dining on Thanksgiving leftovers (lucky), and the holiday parties haven’t swallowed your free time whole just yet. You’re looking for something fun to do this weekend – we get it! May we recommend a comedy show (or 6) at our theater this weekend? Read on, fam.


Friday 8:00p: Unhinged

Something special happens when a group of people have stuck together for over a year to make comedy happen. Unhinged is that and then some.

Friday 9:30p: St. Claude Comedy Hour

Our weekly offering to the stand-up /storytelling comedy lovers. Every Friday at 9:30p is a brand new show!

Saturday 7:00p: Best Friends Comedy Club

It’s the latest showcase to whip into our comedy community and it celebrates duos! This week’s show features guests all the way from San Antonio.

Saturday 8:00p: Wheel of Improv + Comedy w/ Strangers


Our weekly improv mega-show is here but it’s also making room for a special presentation of Comedy w/ Strangers – TNM’s co-founder Chris Trew takes the stage with 2 people he’s never met before, who have also never done improv before. It’s brave, it’s bizarre, and it happens 3 times this weekend as part of a special TV taping.

Saturday 9:30p: Part-Time Humans + Comedy w/ Strangers

It’s another edition of Comedy w/ Strangers, this time with powerhouse comedy newcomers Part-Time Humans on the opening bill.

Sunday 7:00p: Improv Interrobang + Comedy w/ Strangers

Closing out the weekend is the final edition of 2019’s Comedy w/ Strangers plus our new weekly Improv Interrobang slot which features TNM’s critically acclaimed faculty on stage every single week!

Pssst….tickets are already on sale for our 8th annual New Year’s Day spectacular 50 First Jokes New Orleans!

first jokes

And don’t forget our December pop-up Christmas bar!