The Great Valentine’s Day Comedy Show

the great

Roses are red

Violets are blue

What if instead of finishing the weakest poem of all time (right? RIGHT?) we just told you about The Great Valentine’s Day Comedy Show happening tonight at TNM?

Here’s the formal show description followed by an informal closing of this post – anything besides the end of the awful, tired poem, right?

The award-winning comedic team from The New Movement are bringing you another great holiday special – this time around the crew is doing comedy inspired by Valentine’s Day cards. Bring a date, bring a crush – it’s Date Night at TNM!

Bring a date, bring yourself. Be yourself. Be your own date. Meet a date here. Give your date a ride. We don’t care how you get here or who you get here with as long as you get here. Because this show is going to be so fun. 

Buy your tickets here.


The 1st Annual New Orleans Comedy Duo Duel is This Weekend

the 1st Annual (1)

This Saturday night, 17 unique comedy duos duke it out in a one night tournament where only one pair can be crowned champion. Your laughter lights up the bracket, your votes impact the tournament! Who will be crowned the 1st annual DUO CHAMPION?!

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Entrants in the 1st Annual Duo Duel include:
Sweetie Beans
Two Peas No Pod
The Glitterati
Tom & You
Ham Massage
The Undecided Duo
Ballistic Biker Babes
Factory corporation
Tiger and the Wolf
How about Meow
Disassociation Nation

New Orleans comedy shows January 24th-27th

Alright, everyone – it’s time! The week was short so maybe you’re not quite in weekend mode yet. Can we help you? Help us help you! Here’s a list of dope comedy shows happening in New Orleans this weekend, starting with the return of regular standup comedy at TNM.

St. Claude Comedy Hour – Thursday 8:00p

St. Claude

A stand-up comedy showcase at the venue voted “best place to watch comedy” annually by locals since 2013.

Buy tickets to St. Claude Comedy Hour

The Secret Show – Thursday 9:30p

the (1)

The Secret Show is a classified comedy event presented by The New Movement. Featuring elements of storytelling and improv comedy wrapped up in a game show. Share *your* secrets for a chance to win prizes!

Buy tickets here.

Artificial Improv – Friday 8:00p

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This group of veteran improvisers presents a side-splitting fast-paced comedy show based on important historical people, events, and stories ripped from the headlines, all with with the help of a well-known virtual assistant. Show up with the biggest group of friends and win the “Entourage Award!”

Tickets here.

Late Night Game Night – Friday 9:30p


Join us every Friday in January at 9:30pm as 3 comedians battle it out playing twisted versions of popular games, audience participation encouraged! This one hour show features crazy games, a little stand-up and lots of laughs! Hosted by Carson Rapose, only at The New Movement in New Orleans.

Buy tickets here.

Comedy Night in New Orleans – Saturday 8:00p

Copy of comedy night in new orleans


Tickets for Comedy Night in New Orleans

Carson vs. Everyone – Saturday 9:30p



It all started with a simple claim, that Carson could tell a story about any topic, now it’s its own show! Come join us for a night of laughter, fear, lust, and danger as we explore the many storied themes of our lives. In a competitive game show where the audience pits their storytelling prowess against this vivacious raconteur!

Buy tickets here.

Unhinged – Sunday, 7:00p


An improv comedy show combining elements of the Spokane and the Dusty, featuring the next alumni class of The New Movement!

Buy tickets here.

Comedy Programming in New Orleans January 18th-21st 2019!

What’s up New Orleans, New Orleans lovers, New Orleans visitors, New Orleans residents, future New Orleans residents, and that one guy from Slidell. It’s weekend time and we’re pretty sure you’re looking for something to do. Let’s run through the happenings at the New Orleans comedy venue starting tonight!

Half Baked – Friday 8:00p

Half Baked is the grand return of our comedy show about weed and you can scoop up tickets here.


Late Night Game Night – Friday 9:30p

Late Night Game Night is a comedy show where good comedians play twisted versions of well known party games and you can score tickets here.

Comedy Night in New Orleans – Saturday, 8:00p

Our weekly early Saturday show always features new directors, new formats, and the best of the best of the best performers. You can buy tickets for this monster here.


Failed Resolutions – Saturday 9:30p

Yeah, about that. We’re not even three weeks into the year yet and we’ve all got some self-reflecting to do. Buy tickets for this show here.

failed resolutions

Unhinged – Sunday 7:00p

TNM’s latest graduate class presents their take on the home grown format, The Dusty.


Service Industry Nightmares – Sunday 8:00p

A comedy show where we turn your crazy restaurant stories into improv comedy. Work in the industry and have something to say about an asshole customer, a bizarre manager, or had an awkward exchanges with a co-worker? We want to hear it. Do you eat out a lot and have dealt with an asshole waiter, a bizarre manager, or had an awkward exhange with a loved one over a meal? WE WANT TO HEAR IT. Tickets here.

Join us as a team of improv comedians, all with service industry experience, bring your stories to life at The New Movement, Gambit’s “Best Place to Watch Comedy” annually since 2015.

service industry nightmares


See y’all this weekend at TNM!