Half Baked One Year Anniversary + The Wheel of Improv

Half Baked


Your favorite comedy show about your favorite substance is BACK — this time we’re not only celebrating weed, we’re celebrating ourselves since our little show has hit the big time with our one year anniversary. And would you look at that, on the perfect day. Sometimes life is magical.


The Wheel of Improv

Copy of the wheel of improv

It’s American Ninja Warrior mixed with an episode of Saturday Night Live with a dash of Who’s Line Is It Anyway minus all of the stuff in American Ninja Warrior that won’t fit on our comedy stage. The Wheel of Improv is a handful of comedy show formats randomly jammed together, executed by a team of the most experienced performers in New Orleans. A new show + special guests every week!

Buy tickets online or spin the wheel at the box office to determine your ticket price fate. You may get a free drink or a new best friend!


The La Croix Comedy Fest is This Weekend

the la croix comedy festival + comf

Since 1981 La Croix has been the talk of the beverage world. Their ingredient list and sales records are both well kept secrets. Their flavors are as likely to be discussed at black tie galas as well as rowdy college house parties. No other liquid is as universally beloved and, supposedly, hated as La Croix.

Now the canned carbonated beverage is getting what it deserves. A night of comedy dedicated to its existence.


From the official festival event listing:

Everyone knows the flavors of La Croix are derived from the natural essence oils extracted from the named fruit used in each of the LaCroix flavors. But did you know that there’s a comedy festival dedicated to the iconic canned soda?

The La Croix Comedy Festival is a night of comedy inspired by a certain flavored carbonated water. Arrive early to peruse the carbonated museum of art, get your picture taken in the flavored water selfie booth, enjoy the only live comedy show completely dedicated to the only beverage dedicated to revolutionary natural flavors.

Grab Your Tickets Now

LaCroix or La Croix is an American carbonated water distributed by National Beverage Corporation. Sales records have never been publicly released, but market research suggests La Croix holds a 30 percent market share in sparkling water sales in the United States, double that of its main competitor, Perrier.

Happy Birthday Comedy Show this Saturday


Okay, what’s better than having a birthday? Once you have your answer you can move on to the next question. Okay, ready? What’s better than a really, really good comedy show?

If you answered “I don’t know” or “nothing” or you were too excited to really stop and answer the questions, don’t fret, friend.

Because absolutely nothing is better than a birthday and for sure nothing is better than a really really really good comedy show, we thought we would combine all of the above during a very special weekend.

In short – It’s a comedy show about birthdays and everyone is invited! Here’s what we got planned

  • Free cake for all (til it lasts, of course)
  • Free admission for any March birthdays (just bring your I.D. or a recent photo of you wearing a birthday hat and blowing out some candles)
  • DJ after party to follow (our patio is SO fun)

Sounds pretty good, right? Agreed, SO – scoop up your Tickets asap (unless you’re a March baby, of course) and bring your crew to TNM this weekend.

Hosted by TNM co-founder Chris Trew (as seen on Comedy Central, America’s Got Talent, MTV, GQ Magazine) and featuring comedians from The New Movement.


Comedy Shows in New Orleans this weekend

New Orleans, your homebase for all comedy happenings is just not simply *not playing around* this weekend.  It’s been a while since we’ve seen you all but now that Mardi Gras is over, we can pick up exactly where we left off. Our slate of shows , accompanied by appropriate emojis, immediately following this emoji:👇

🌿 8:00p Half Baked (stoned storytelling)
🚀9:30p Club 3000 (weird improv comedy)

🦄 9:30p Unhinged (improv comedy)
👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 7:00p Sunday Night Social Club (improv comedy)

Bonus material! Starting next week we’re opening the patio bar for some straight up hangin’ and we’d love for you to join us. 8:00p on the dot, RSVP here for $2 off your bar tab!

tues day

The Great Valentine’s Day Comedy Show

the great

Roses are red

Violets are blue

What if instead of finishing the weakest poem of all time (right? RIGHT?) we just told you about The Great Valentine’s Day Comedy Show happening tonight at TNM?

Here’s the formal show description followed by an informal closing of this post – anything besides the end of the awful, tired poem, right?

The award-winning comedic team from The New Movement are bringing you another great holiday special – this time around the crew is doing comedy inspired by Valentine’s Day cards. Bring a date, bring a crush – it’s Date Night at TNM!

Bring a date, bring yourself. Be yourself. Be your own date. Meet a date here. Give your date a ride. We don’t care how you get here or who you get here with as long as you get here. Because this show is going to be so fun. 

Buy your tickets here.