Comedy Workshops at The New Movement

Just Effin ROAR! (Guest Teacher: Tim Soszko)
Saturday, Aug. 24th, 3-6p
How excited and jealous are you when you see someone make a move on stage that you’ve never seen before, and probably couldn’t come up with? Those moves, that energy, and that X-factor are muscles that can be worked. In this workshop we will develop those skills and tools that will help you find more fun, and lose the judgement that gets in the way, while still supporting your scene partner and moving the piece forward.

Physicality in Improv (Guest Teacher: Tim Soszko)
Sunday, Aug. 25th, 2:30-5:30p
Physicality is an under-used and underrated aspect of improv. In this workshop we will be getting in touch with the habits and quirks of our bodies. Re-discovering and/or broadening the connection between our minds and bodies. We will acknowledge and embrace proximity and how that affects our scenes. We will also touch on environment, physical characters and even some slapstick. Please wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in and don’t mind if we’re lying on the floor. **While most of the class is about using our own physicality’s, there will be physical contact with other people. It will all be done in a safe, respectful and trusting way.**

Tim Soszko Workshop


Tim Soszko Workshop (Both)