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As adults we don’t allow time to completely get lost in playfulness and fun. We forget how to really listen to each other and make ourselves more listenable. That’s why improv classes and workshops have become such a useful tool for companies interested in strengthening their teams. Improv is used in a multitude of fields to help people enhance listening skills, collaboration, confidence, and to strengthen focus in the creative process.

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TNM offers a unique Business Workshop Program customized for each client. With our curriculum, your group will perform team building exercises which will help enhance “group mind,” trust, and cooperation. We develop solutions to common issues in your company’s specific industry and set goals to make these solutions a reality. Whether it’s large group training or team building seminars, specialized rehearsals for professional theater companies, exclusive events at cultural centers or small businesses, or individualized pitch and speech coaching for your next conference – we can design a workshop that best suits your needs.


“Our sales team had a great experience at The New Movement’s corporate workshop. Although each of us was feeling a little anxious at the start, Ryan helped us get into a good rhythm with some activities that broke the ice and had meaningful application for our industry. That was a theme that continued throughout – each improv exercise was not only fun, but also connected to valuable lessons that are beneficial for any type of personal or business communication.”

– Ochsner Clinic


The fundamental philosophy of improv is “Yes, and…” essentially – ultimate acceptance and idea building.  When people listen to each other’s ideas and build on them together in a respectful and encouraging environment, solutions are found faster! Improv encourages positivity and values each individual as a part of the team. Our training is immediately applicable to several key areas of any business, including:


Listening Skills:  Nothing in improv comedy is as important as listening. Because scenes are made up on the spot, we must be fully aware of the details that our scene partners are adding. In business, these skills manifest in many ways. For management, assessing the needs of employees and customers can be greatly improved through listening practice. For employees and salespeople, thoroughly understanding customers’ desires can avoid confusion and generate repeat business.


Collaboration:  In improv, we build worlds together, accepting what has been offered and adding our ideas. Working together is at the core of any successful business. For management, it is the key to productivity. For employees and salespeople, collaboration lessens the load of difficult projects, and fosters connections with clients that improve relations.


Idea Generation:  As improvisers, we trust that ideas are infinite, and we exercise our creativity to easily access those ideas. In business, ideas are the engine of growth, leading our companies to bigger and brighter futures.


Confidence:  Acting as if we know everything onstage allows improvisers to live honestly in imaginary worlds and embody characters freely and completely. For management, confidence builds trust, fosters leadership, and helps grow our brand.  For employees and salespeople, confidence strengthens partnerships and generates long-term success.


And most of all, learning improv is fun!


Our workshops range from 2-hour sessions to activity-filled multi-day intensives.  Workshops can be conducted at our theaters or at an outside facility in the greater New Orleans area.

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