Student Testimonials


Every now and again, you strike gold. In TNM, I have found close friends, greater confidence, an outlet for creativity, and a love of performance.  The New Movement has provided me with a skill that translates into so much of my life and a community that makes every week special. For that, I am eternally grateful.

– Rebekah


The experience here at TNM has exceeded my expectations in many ways. My husband got involved because we were new to NOLA and wanted to try something new and maybe make a few friends in the process. The classes have sharpened our communication skills as well as our listening skills and we’re so grateful to have found this little outlet.

– Leigh


TNM teachers and community were very welcoming because they know how much bravery it takes to start. Whenever I mention to someone that I’m taking improv classes, they say “I could never do that.” I tell them that I can’t do it either, but I’m doing it anyway. 

– Devin


TNM’s community has infused the dull, lifeless abyss of my mid-adulthood with a childlike joy I did not expect when I arrived there for the first time. 

Tami, in particular, is a masterful and kind teacher. I have no idea how she does it, but I seem to accumulate ideas for improvement at break-neck speed without ever having felt criticized. Maybe it’s the way she balances out-loud chuckles with diligent note-taking, or maybe it’s the careful unveiling of new concepts from week to week, but she’s got the guru role down. Every time I leave that building, my heart feels warm and my brain feels bigger.

– Rachel


When I signed up for classes at TNM as a recent NOLA transplant, I was expecting an opportunity to practice a craft that had been important to me back home. What I found was an invaluable community that valued me, and teaching staff that inspires students to be their best both onstage and off. TNM is a space to grow as an improviser, yes, but also as a storyteller, actor, performer, and person. NOLA feels like home now, and I owe much of that to TNM.

– Ben

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